XXXI. International Viola Congress 2003

June, 10-13, 2003, Kronberg im Taunus, Germany, Stadthalle

Host: DVG German Viola Society (Ludwig Hampe, Chairman)

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This year's 31st International Viola Congress is hosted by the German Viola Society (DVG) in Kronberg im Taunus, a town in the surburban belt of Frankfurt am Main. A well stocked programme of concerts and lectures is awaiting you, an opportunity to learn about the state of viola playing globally. Violists from all aover the world have been invited to join and will be presented in recitals. Just to mention a few:

Claudine Bigelow (USA), Matthias Buchholz (Germany), Helen Callus (USA), Emile Cantor (Germany), Henry Janzen (Canada), Henrik Frendin (Sweden), Pamela Goldsmith (USA), Garth Knox (Scotland), Steve & Penny Kruse (USA), Myrna Layton (PIVA, USA), Donald Maurice (New Zealand), Jutta Puchhammer (Canada), Christine Rutledge (USA), Frank Strauch (Germany).

A special emphasis has been given to the next generation of violists:

Students of Tabea Zimmermann (Berlin), Hartmut Rohde (Berlin), and Johannes Lüthy (Karlsruhe) will appear in recitals for viola ensemble.

Masterclasses are offered by Matthias Buchholz, Johannes Lüthy, Hartmut Rohde, and Tabea Zimmermann to interested students, and, of course, they are open to the public.

Lectures and exhibitions covering topics as Bartok's Viola Concert, Michael Balling, PIVA, and medical aspects of viola playing are presented.

And, of course, you will have the daily delight to join in with your instrument for joint viola ensemble playing.

As a special add on, from June 12-15, the

Viola Fest of Kronberg Academy

takes place in Kronberg alongside with the congress - actually, we are cooperating with the Kronberg Academy to make it a unforgettable week for you. As a delegate of the 31st International Viola Congress you may want to purchase the tickets of the Viola Fest with your congress registration as a package - and a reduced price - and enjoy concerts with Yuri Bashmet, Nobuko Imai, Kim Kashkashian, and Tabea Zimmermann. At the Viola Fest the Moscow Soloists appear with these soloists, as well as the Berlin Philharmonic Viola Section and the Kuss Quartet. Please take note of the corresponding reference on the registration page.

And now it is only a small step to registration. See you in Kronberg.

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