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Associated Board. New Pieces for Viola, Book 2
Stephen Dodgson Outwardly Serene
Stephen Dodgson Study (unaccompanied)
Sebastian Forbes Capriccio
Asociated Board

Philip Bass. 4 Lyric Movements
No.2 Forlane
Piper Publications

Philip Bass. Themes and Dances for Viola
Musicland / Music Exchange

Bridge. 4 Pieces
No.2 Serenade

Buonporti. 2 Inventions, arr. Martos and Nagy
Invention in B flat, Op.10,no.3 : 2nd movt. Aria
Kunzelmann / Schott

Carse. Viola School of Progressive Studies Book 3

Classens. L'Alto Classique Vol.C
No.2 Rimsky-Korsakov Chanson Indou
No.12 I.Albeniz Tango
Editions Combre / UMP

Cohen. Technique Takes Off !
No.4 Swirling Arabesques
No.5 Carriage Parade

Corelli. Sarabanda, Giga and Badinerie
Viola World / Bosworth

Corelli. Two Sonatas, arr. Martos and Nagy
Sonata Op.5, no.8 : Preludio and Allemande
Editio-Musica Budapest

Doktor. Solos for the viola player
Beethoven March

Stephen Dodgson. 7 Miniatures
No.5 In the Phrygian Mode
Associated Board

Eccles. Sonata in G minor, arr. Klengel : 3rd movt. Adagio, or 4th movt. Allegro vivace

Elgar. Sospiri, Op.70
Breitkopf and Haertel

Faure. Romance sans Paroles, Op.17, no.3, arr. Neuberth
Hamelle / UMP

Faure. 2 Songs, arr. Hind-O'Malley
Au fond de l'eau, or Aurore
SJ Music

Howard Ferguson. 4 Short Pieces
No.2 Scherzo
No.3 Pastoral
Boosey and Hawkes

Finger. 2 Sonatas
Sonata No.3 in A : 2nd movt. Allegro

Flackton. Sonata in C minor, 3rd and 4th mvts, Siciliano and Minuetto

Forbes. Chester Music for Viola
Tchaikovsky Barcarolle
Tchaikovsky Chanson Triste, Op.40, no.2
Chester / Music Sales

Forbes. A Book of Classical Pieces, Book 1
No.5 Mendelssohn Song without Words

Forbes. A Second Book of Classical Pieces
No.5 Brahms Choral Prelude, Op.122, No.8

Forbes. Classical and Romantic Pieces for Viola
No.7 Purcell Hornpipe and Jig from 'King Arthur'
No.9/1 Grieg Elegiac Melody 'Heart's Sorrows', Op.34, no.1

Forbes. Popular Pieces for Viola
No.2 Faure Berceuse, Op.56, No.1

Forbes. Transcriptions for Viola and Piano No.6
Purcell Sonata in G minor : 2nd and 3rd movts, or 3rd and 4th movts.

Gluck. Melody from 'Orfeo', arr. Arnold
Viola World / Bosworth

Handel. Concerto in B flat, arr. Arnold : 1st movt. Andante
Viola World / Bosworth

Handel. Selected Handel Pieces, Arr. Borowski
No.2 Gavotte, from 'Ottone'

Handel. Sonata in G minor, Op.1, no.6 trans. Pilkington : 4th movt. Allegro
Stainer and Bell

Bertholdt Hummel. Little Suite Op.19c : 1st Movt. Allegro
Simrock / Schauer

Huws Jones. Got Those Position Blues ?
No.9 Adrienne

Claude-Henry Joubert. Sonate Facile for unaccompanied Viola : 2nd and 3rd movts. Vif and Lent
Robert Martin UMP

Kinsey. Elementary Progressive Studies for Viola, set 3, trans. Banwell
No.5 in D
No.24 in C
Associated Board

Klengel. Classical Pieces for Viola, Vol.2
No.5 Leclair Aria
No.8 Vivaldi Giga, from Op.2, no.2

Kreuz. Select Studies Book III
No.5 Fiorillo
No.9 Corelli
Augener / Stainer and Bell

Lanning. The Classic Experience for Viola
Mozart Turkish rondo

Mozart. Sonatina in C (from K.Anh.229) arr. Piatigorsky : 1st movt. Allegro (Brillante)
Ethan-Vogel/ UMP

Herbert Murrill. Four French Nursery Songs
Dansez belles mains

Nelson. Keytunes Viola I
Schubert Ballet Music from 'Rosamunde'
Boosey and Hawkes

Norton. Microjazz for Viola
No.8 Song of the Isles
No.13 A Touch of Spain
Boosey and Hawkes

Pepusch. Sonata in D minor, arr. Dinn : 2nd movt. Allegro

Radmall. The Chester String Series, Viola Book 2
No.8 Furcell Dance
Chester / Music Sales

Ravel. Pavane pour une Infante Defunte, arr. Drouet
Eschig / UMP

Roche/Doury. Sous le Chapiteau
No.3 Les Chevaux
Editions Combre / UMP

Telemann. Sonata in B flat, from 'Der getreue Music Meister' : 3rd and 4th movts, Largo and Vivace

Telemann. Sonata in D, 3rd and 4th mvts.

Valentine. Sonata in A minor, 1st. and 2nd. mvts., Adagio and Allegro

Vaughan Williams. Fantasia on Greensleeves, arr. Forbes

Vivaldi. Sonata in C, arr. Dinn : 4th movt. Allegro, or 5th movt. Giga

Zucchi. 3 Serenades, trans. Arlin
Serenade in C, Op.3, No.1 : 1st movt. Adagio
International - Kalmus / MDS

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