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Brodsky. Old Music for Viola
No.3 Jeremiah Clark Minuet
No.7 Jean Hotteterre Cotillon
No.9 J.C.F.Bach Schwabisch
Editio Musica / Boosey and Hawkes

Mary Cohen. Superstudies Book 1
No.11 Hurry if you want to see the engine
No.12 Strawberry milk shake
No.17 Let's all go to the grizzly bear's grump

Katherine and Hugh Colledge. Waggon Wheels for Viola
Full Moon
Polka Dots
Boosey and Hawkes

Elgar. 6 Very Easy Pieces Op.22
No.1 Andante

Forbes. A First Year Classical Album
No.6 Lully Air from Amadis

Hand. Schott Viola Repertory no.1, Progressive Pieces for Viola
No.3 Hill Walking Tune
No.5 Song of the Norsemen
No.6 Soaring

Harrison. Amazing Solos for Viola
Bartok Scherzando from 'For Children'
Boosey and Hawkes

Edward Huws Jones. Ten O'Clock Rock
Gone for Good
Ink Spot
Boosey and Hawkes

Kinsey. Elementary Progressive Studies for Viola, Set 1
No.5 in G
Associated Board

Joan Lovell. Forty Four Easy Tunes
No.26 Bagatelle
No.31 Roundelay
No.35 Scherzino
No.39 A Sea Song

Neil Mackay. A Modern Viola Method
No.10 Flying High
No.17 Wyoming Waltz

Murray and Brown. Tunes for My Viola
No. 7 Laendler
Boosey and Hawkes

Eleanor Murray and Phyllis Tate. The New Viola Books, Book 2
No.3 Bohemian Polka

Sheila Nelson. Piece by Piece 1 for Viola
No.11 Nelson On the Ice
No.13 Traditional Dance to your Daddy
No.17 Nelson Flag Dance
No.24 Purcell Rigadoon
No.26 Schubert Landler
Boosey and Hawkes

Sheila Nelson. Piece by Piece 2
Nelson Henry's Hornpipe
Nelson Hurry on Down
Boosey and Hawkes

Sheila Nelson. Right from the Start
No. 18 The Centipede
Boosey and Hawkes

Nelson. Stringsongs
Hilton Come, Follow
Boosey and Hawkes

Norton. Microjazz for Starters
New Toy
Boosey and Hawkes

Lionel Salter. Starters for Viola
Handel Menuett from Musick for the Royal Fireworks
Schumann Of Strange Lands and Peoples, Op.15 no.1
Salter A legend
Associated Board

Scott. Play It Again for Viola
Anon. English When a Knight won his Spurs
Traditional What shall we do with the drunken sailor ?

Wilkinson and Bass. Viva Viola
No.1 At Anchor
No.2 Turtle Retreat
No.8 The Underworld of Worms and Other Crawlies
No.9 Jenny's Reel

Wilkinson and Hart. First Repertoire for Viola, Book 1
No.1 Beethoven Hymn to Joy, from Symphony No.9
No.5 J.S.Bach Chorale from St.John Passion
No.6 Marz Serenade
No.8 Kabalevsky Waltz
No.12 Bakhanova March
No.14 Humperdinck Gretel's Song from Hansel and Gretel
No.16 Bruckner Evening Hymn
No.18 Anon. Polish Grandfather's Polka
No.23 Anon. Hungarian Lament

Woof. 50 Elementary Studies, trans. Banwell
Associated Board

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