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I.Albeniz. Barcarola 'Mallorca', arr. Amaz
UME / music Sales

Arne. Sonata in B flat, arr. Craxton

attrib. J.C.Bach. Concerto in C minor, arr. Casadesus, viola version : 1st movt. Allegro molto ma maestoso, or 2nd movt.
Salabert / UMP

Bach. Cello Suites, trans. Forbes
No.2 in D minor : 1st movt. Prelude
No.3 in C, BWV 1009 : 5th and 6th movts. Bourree I and II
Chester / Music Sales

Bach. 3 Viola da Gamba Sonatas, arr. Forbes
No.1 in G, BWV 1027 : 3rd and 4th movts. Andante and Allegro moderato
No. 2 in D, BWV 1028 : 1st and 2nd movts. Adagio and Allegro

Philip Bass. Themes and Dances for Viola
Swing Caprice
Musicland / Music Exchange

Conrad Beck. Sonatine for Viola : 3rd Movt Vivace
Schott / MDS

Bloch. Meditation and Processional
Shirmer / Music Sales

Boccherini. Sonata in C minor, 1st movt.

Brahms. 2 Hungarian Dances, arr. Forbes
No.1 : Dance no.3

Brahms. Ungarische Tanze, ed. Forbes
No.2 in D minor

Brahms. Sonata movement, Scherzo, arr. Forbes
Stainer and Bell

Bridge. 2 Pieces for Viola
Stainer and Bell

Buonporti. 2 Inventions, arr. Martos and Nagy
Invenzione Terza, Op,10, no.3
Kunzelmann / Peters

Campagnoli. 41 Caprices for solo Viola, Op.22
No.3 in A, Allegro moderato

Carter. Elegy
Peer International / Elkin

Dvorak. Sonatina in G, op.100, arr. Hallmann : 4th movt. Finale : Allegro

Faure. Elegy. Op.44

Faure. Pavane, Op.50, arr. Busser for viola
Hamelle / UMP

Flackton. Sonata no.4 in C minor, Op.2,no.8 : 1st and 2nd movts, Adagio and Allegro moderato
Schott / MDS

Flackton. Sonata in C major, arr. Bergmann : 1st and 2nd movts.

Forbes. Baroques Pieces for Viola
No.1 Purcell Chacony in G minor, Z.730

Forbes. Popular Pieces for Viola
No.4 Schumann Slumber Song, Op.124, no.2
No.6 Mussorgsky Gopak

Glazunov. Elegy, Op.44

Glinka. Sonata in D minor, 1st movt
Musica Rara

Willy Hess. Sonata in Old Style, Op.135 : 2nd movt. Theme, Variation 2 (Etude) and Finale (Allegro)
Amadeus - Schoot / MDS

Orchestral Excerpts vol.5 for Viola
Hindemith. Allegro from Symphonic Metamorphosis

Hindemith. Nobilissima Visione
Schott / MDS

Hindemith. Trauermusik

Hofman. Melodic Double-Stop Studies Op.96
No.21 Allegretto
Viola World / Bosworth

Hoffmeister. Concerto in D, 2nd movt.
Grahl / Peters

Hoffmeister. Studies for Viola
No.31 in F sharp

Ibert. Aria, trans. Neuberth
Leduc / UMP

Kayser. 36 Elementary and Progressive Studies for Viola, Op.20
No.17 in E flat

Kreisler. Sicilienne and Rigaudon, arr. Arnold
Viola World / Bosworth

Kreuz. Select Studies Book III
No.15 Campagnoli Maestoso
Augener / Stainer and Bell

Massenet. Meditation, from 'Thais', trans. Arnold
Viola World / Bosworth

Mazas. 30 Etudes Speciales, Op.36 : Book 1
No.18 in A. Romance
No.19 Finger exercise Allegro moderato
No.24 Allegretto graioso
Schirmer / International - Kalmus / MDS

Milhaud. Quatre Visages
No.1 The Californian

Joaquin Nin. Chants d'Espagne, arr. Dalton
No.2 Granadina
Eschig / UMP

Pleyel. Concerto in E flat, 3rd movt
Grahl / Peters

Putz. Blues for Benny : bars 1-39 : Free, not too fast

Rachmaninov. Vocalise, Op.34, no.14, arr. Davis
International - Kalmus / MDS

Ravel. Piece en forme de Habanera, arr. Neuberth
Leduc / UMP

Reinecke. 3 Phantasiestucke, Op.43
No.3 Jahrmarkt-Szene
Amadeus -Schott /MDS

Rivier. Concertino, 1st movt.
Salabert / UMP

Roche/Doury. Sous le Chapiteau
No.5 Les Clowns
Editions Combre / UMP

Rubinstein. Sonata, Op.49, 2nd movt.

Schubert. Sonata Movement from String Trio in D flat, D.471, arr. Forbes
Stainer and Bell

Schumann. Adagio and Allegro, Op.70
Adagio - Langsam, mit inningem Ausdruck

Schumann. Marchenbilder, Op.113

Schumann. Three Romances, Op.94, no.2

Senaille. Sonata No.9, Op.5 : 3rd and 4th movts.
Kalmus / Belwin Mills

Sitt. Romance, Op.72

Hans Sitt. 26 Studies from Op.32
no.20 in E flat
Kunzelmann - Schott / MDS

A.Stamitz. Concerto in B flat, 3rd movt

Steptoe. Three Pieces, nos. 2 and 3
Stainer and Bell

Szeredi. Music for Viola Vol.1
Telemann. Sonata in E minor : 1st and 2nd movts. Cantabile and Allegro
Edition Musica / Boosey and Hawkes

A.S.Taneyev. Albumleaf, Op.33
International - Kalmus / MDS

Tchaikovsky. Canzonetta from Violin Concerto, Op.35, arr. Arnold
Viola World / Bosworth

Telemann. Viola Concerto in G : 3rd and 4th movts, Andante and Presto

Eduardo Toldra. Oracio al Maig, arr. Amaz

Vaughan Williams. Suite for Viola, Group 1 : No.1 and No.2 (Carol)

Vaughan Williams. Suite for Viola, Group 2
No. 1 Ballad (ossia at bars 41 and 103 to be played)

Vinci. Sonata in D, trans, Davis : 1st and 2nd movts, Adagio and Allegro
International - Kalmus / MDS

Vivaldi. 6 Sonatas, trans. Prinrose
No.4 in B flat : 2nd and 3rd movts, Allegro and Largo
No.6 in B flat : 1st and 2nd movts, Largo and Allegro
International - Kalmus / MDS

Wieniawski. Reverie
International - Kalmus / MDS

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