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I. Albeniz. Bolero 'Puerta de Tierni' (from 'Recuerdos de Viaje' Op.71), trans. Amaz (omitting 8va indications)
UME / Music Sales

Bach. 6 Cello Suites trans. Forbes
No.1 in G : Courante, or Minuets I and II, or Gigue
No.4 in E flat : Bourree 1
Chester / Music Sales

Bartok. An Evening at the Village
Editio-Musica Budapest

Philip Bass. Themes and Dances for Viola
Exmoor Ballad
Musicland / Music Exchange

Beethoven. Rondo (WoO 41) arr. Forbes
Schott / MDS

Bridge. Four Pieces for Viola

Buonporti. 2 Inventions, arr. Martos and Nagy
Invention in F minor, Op.10, no.6 : 4th movt. Fantasia
Kunzelmann - Schott / MDS

Carse. Viola School of Progressive Studies Book 3
No.12 Moderato

Mary Cohen. Technique Takes Off
No.9 The Bees' Knees !
No.10 Sarabande with Variations

Doktor. Solos for the Viola Player
No.2 JS Bach Choral prelude
No.5 d'Hervelois Tambourin
No.6 Mozart Andante (from K424)
No.10 Schubert Adagio from 'Arpeggione' Sonata
Shirmer / Music Sales

Dvorak. Sonatina in G, Op.100, arr. Hallmann : 1st or 2nd movt.

Faure. Lamento, arr. Katims

Faure. Sicilienne, Op.78

Howard Ferguson. 5 Irish Folk Tunes, arr. Forbes
No.1 A caione
Associated Board

Fiocco. Allegro, trans. Arnold
Viola World / Bosworth

Sonata in C, Op.2,no.4 : 2nd movt. Allegro
Sonata in G, Op.2,no.6 : 2nd movt. Allegro
Schott / MDS

Forbes. Chester Music for Viola
Mendelssohn Song without Words Op.19, no.1
Chester / Music Sales

Forbes. A Book of Classical Pieces, Book 1
Bach Sinfonia

Forbes. Classical and Romantic Pieces for Viola
Dvorak Sonatina in G, Op.100, 2nd movt, Larghetto
Grieg Elegiac Melody 'Last Spring', Op.34,No.2
Mendelssohn Song without Words, from Capriccio Op.81
Schubert Ballet Music from 'Rosamunde'
Tchaikovksy Reverie

Forbes. Popular Pieces
No.5 Tchaikovksy Humoresque Op.10, no.2

Genzmer. Sonatine, 2nd. movt.

Giordani. Sonata in B, 1st movt

Glazunov. Serenade Espagnole, Op.20, no.2, arr. Ginot
Jobert / UMP

Granados. Dansa Espanola, No.2 'Orientale' or No.5 'Andaluza', arr. Amaz

Grazioli. Sonata in F, trans. Marchet : 1st. movt. Allegro moderato
Stainer and Bell / Augener

Handel. Sonata, Op.1, no.6 : 1st and 2nd movts
Stainer and Bell

Handel. Sonata in C, trans. Jensen : 2nd. movt. Allegro
International - Kalmus / MDS

Haydn. Divertimento in D, arr. Piatigorsky : 1st movt. Adagio
Elkan - Vogel / UMP

Bertholdt Hummel. Little Suite, Op.19c : 3rd movt. Presto
Simrock / Schauer

Kalliwoda. Six Nocturnes, Op.186 : No.1

Kinsey. Elementary Progressive Studies for Viola Set 3, trans. Banwell
No.15 in E minor
Associated Board

Klengel. Klassische Stucke vol.2
No.3 Mozart Andante

Orchestral Excerpts for Viola Vol.5, p.12
Kodaly Hary Janos Suite

Kreuz. Select Studies for the Viola, Book 2
Campagnolli No.6 in E flat
Stainer and Bell

Kreuz. Select Studies Book IV
No.13 Mazas Study in G,
No.15 Mazas Study in G (up to the pause bar only)
Augener / Stainer and Bell

Liszt. Romance Oubliee
Edition-Musica Budapest

Marais. Five Old French Dances
No.2 La Provencale

Marcello. Sonata in E minor : 2nd movt. Allegro
Stainer and Bell

Mazas. 30 special Studies Op.36 Book 1
No.6 Allegro non troppo
No.10 Allegro non troppo

Radmall. The Chester String Series for Viola, Vol.2
No. 10/2 Viotti Serenade Movement no.2, Allegretto piu tosto vivo
Chester / Music Sales

Roger Roche. Vacances
Philippo and Combre / UMP

Roche/Doury. Sous le Chapiteau
No.2 Le Funambule
Editions Combre / UMP

Schumann. 4 Marchenbilder (Fairy Tales) Op.113
No.4 Langsam, mit melancholischen Ausdruck

Schumann. 3 Romances, Op.94, arr. for Viola
No.1 in A minor
Stainer and Bell

Senaille. Sonata in G minor, Op.5, no.9 : 2nd movt. Allegro
Stainer and Bell

Sitt. Album Leaves, op.39

Hans Sitt. 26 Studies from Op.32
No.14 in E flat
Kunzelmann - Schott/ MDS

Tchaikovksy. Nocturne, Op.19 no.4, arr. Borissovsky

Telemann. Concerto in G major, ed. Wolf : 2nd movt. Allegro

Telemann. Sonata in A minor : 2nd movt. Allegro
Schott / MDS

Vaughan Williams. Suite for Viola, Group I, no.3

Vivaldi. Concerto in G minor, RV 417, arr. Martos and Nagy : 1st movt. Allegro
or 3rd movt. Allegro
Edition Musica / Boosey and Hawkes

Vivaldi. 6 Sonatas, trans. Primrose
No.1 in B flat : 1st and 2nd movts.
No.2 in F : 1st and 2nd movts
No.3 in A minor : 4th movt. Allegro (non troppo)
International - Kalmus / MDS

J.F.Wilson. Seguidillas (double stops optional)
Arcadia / Kalmus / William Elkin

Franz Wohlfahrt. 60 Studies, op.45
no.44 in D minor

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