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Yeah, I am deleting a lot of things on this page. It was so outdated! But I am still not maintaining this page very much. About the only things I still update are:

My Favorite Movies
My Favorite Restaurants

You are listening to Waltzing Matilda, the song that should have been the Australian National Anthem.

Go LAKERS! My favorite basketball team.

April 2002: I got a Canon PowerShot S30 -- see views from my house on the foothill, shot using my new Canon: Picture 1 Picture 2

3/20/02: This is what I've been listening to all week. Specifically, the Adagietto.

Check out this short movie called Life as a Guy . The first time I saw it I didn't have sound turned on...it works rather well, maybe even better, without sound.

I am the owner of the viola mailing list. This is how it came about.

These are some of the great pieces of music I enjoy.

Pictures of me

Here is a picture of my dad.

This is one of my favorite paintings--it needs no introduction.

My horror story about shopping online

Check out the Disneyland web site!


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Does anyone use Lynx anymore?.


My very first public site, created in 1995-6:


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