27th International Viola Congress

Guelph, Ontario, Canada, June 9-12, 1999

Portfolio by Ronald M. Schmidt, International Viola Society Secretary, German Viola Society Archivist

Dear Violists,
as participants to the Int. Viola Congress at Guelph we would like to offer you all our portfolio of photos taken at the events of the congress. This is in particular a cordial thanks to the three musketeers, Ann Frederking, Jutta Puchhammer, Henry Janzen, and their volunteers, who did a great job to make this all happen - thank you very much.
Apologies to all whom I shot but did not present here - not all my pictures could be scanned into this page.


Henry Janzen, President of the Canadian Viola Society and host chairman, welcomes the delegates on June 9 at River Run Center, Guelph. This venue with its fantastic auditorium provided excellent facilities for the presentation of concerts, jam sessions, and lectures.

After the final round of the Primrose competition we happily congratulated the three winners (from left to right):
1 Lawrence Power from London, England
3 Elizabeth Freivogel who is a student at Oberlin
2 Roland Glassl from Ingolstadt, Germany

The Simply Canadian Concert introduced us with three outstanding performances by
Robert Verebes,


David Samuel,


and Steve Larson, who also test-drived the violas presented by a great number of violin makers. This demonstration was introduced by Joseph Curtin (right).

Rivka Golani completed the first day with her recital of Bach and Schumann (shown here with pianist Beth Ann de Sousa).

On the other day we enjoyed a masterclass held by Michael Kugel for the thre Primrose Competition winners.

Hartmut Lindemann from Germany presented the premier performance of his arrangement of Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen besides other gems of his virtuoso repertoire.

There was time in the afternoon for other activities such as a look around at the exhibition booths:

Instruments, bows, accessoires, and sheet music were on display.


An examining look at a Berg bow.


Hi Sandy Neill from D'Addario Strings!


The workshop of William H. Lee was represented by congenial delegates.


... and there was a lot to discover. Sibylle could not resist this rather small pattern viola ;-)

At the Awards Dinner that night the three musketeers were awarded for their work in making this congress happen. Jutta Puchhammer, Henry Janzen, Ann Frederking - thank you very much!

At least, we have made it ....


Dwight Pounds from the American Viola Society took a close focus on the events.

A delight were the jam sessions for multiple violas ....

since we all could take part.

So we enjoyed it, along with Dan Golden and his Klezmer Band.

On Friday Carlos Maria Solare introduced Argentinian composers.

Viola ensemble playing was demonstrated by Bratsche con brio ...

... and the Boston Viola Quartett.

Viola and electronics were presented by Rozanna Weinberger ...


Letitia Oaks Strong

and others.

On Saturday we enjoyed Robert Bridges - Hi violarob -

who presented his arrangement of Tchaikovsky's Theme and Variations, Donald Maurice from "Down Under" presenting Cree-Brown's Piece for Viola and Rubbish Tin,

and Kenneth Martinson presenting Colgrass' Variations

and his Chrysler - Hi Violaman!

Isn't she beautiful?

Saturday night was the final concert by Michael Kugel. After playing Rubinstein's Sonata for Viola and Piano, two nice pieces by himself, and the Paganini Sonata per la Grand Viola he could not resist playing Waxman's Carmen Fantasy as an encore.

Henry finally addressed his closing remarks invitin g us all to join in again next year at the 28th International Viola Congress at Linköping, Sweden.

To all whom we met in Guelph and to all of you visiting this portfolio, Sibylle and I want to express our kindest regards.

Pictures presented here are for your privat use only and may not be copied or used for any other purpose. I will be glad to provide you with copies on photographic paper if you are interested - please let me know.