"As the greatest expert and judge of harmony, he liked best to play the viola, with appropriate loudness and softness." - C.P.E. Bach on J.S. Bach

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For an introduction to the viola, read Violas and Violists by David Dalton
Thinking about becoming a violist? See well-known personalities who made this fine decision.


"The Viola Mailing List is proving itself to be a valuable, pragmatic and musicological tool for all violists -- professionals, students, teachers and non-professionals -- in their quest for knowledge and practical ideas of how to improve their playing and an overview of all aspects of viola life.

There is nothing quite like it for any other musical instrument and violists can take pride in the enthusiasm, commitment of its members and the abundance and variety of topics that fill the mailing list from day to day."

Myron Rosenblum
Founder of the Viola Research
Society, first president of the
American Viola Society and
editor of its first Newsletter.


Tuning of the Viola: c, g, d', a'
Pitches of the viola's open strings


The Viola Web Site has established itself as an important portal for violists on the web.

Through its mailing lists, The Viola Web Site provides a forum for violists to discuss, work together and inform each other of their viola-related activities, such as upcoming events, plans for the next viola congress, development of new chapters.

Members of our mailing lists include students, teachers, professionals, amateurs, many of whom are leaders of their local viola societies. All viola societies around the world are represented.

The Viola Web Site also helps viola societies worldwide to create their own web presence, and provides them with permanent web address under www.viola.com, even if their web site is not hosted at www.viola.com .


Viola.com is dedicated to those young violists around the world who are serious about their chosen instrument, but don't know where to turn to find information and camaraderie of fellow violists. Now, thanks to the power of the Internet, violists have a gathering place to pass down our own traditions and form our own identity.

There are currently two mailing lists, each with a distinct function:

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Welcome to this family of viola players; your participation is what enriches this site.


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