My Neighbor Felicia's Gift Cards

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Felicia was a neighbor of mine last year, a very sweet lady originally from Bavaria. My last year's roommate Maret and I had enjoyed her Indian curry and other dishes tremendously. We are very grateful for her generosity and hospitality.

Felicia is an artist working at home independently. I saw some of the greeting cards she made for friends, and thought that they are too good to be kept a I asked her for permission to put some of her designs on the Web. Remember, these are handmade cards--you will not get the exact design as shown here, because no two are alike! They make very special gifts.

Here's a brief description of the cards written by Felicia:

Gift cards--great for framing!

With the help of waterbased inks, various objects from nature are printed on different textured papers. Though an overall theme is given, each card is individually finished and can never be repeated. Cards sell for $5.00 each.

For info call Felicia Carroll
(805) 968-5076
Santa Barbara, CA

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