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under the chairmanship of Yu.Bashmet

December 23 to 30, 1997


The Competition Regulations


The Third International Viola Competition is open to musicians not older than 40 years old in the year of Competition.

The Competition will be held in four rounds: three preliminary (qualifying) Rounds and final Round (with orchestra). All competition auditions are held open to public. The order of performances will be decided by drawing lots.

The Organizing Committee of the III International Viola Competition offers the following prizes:

Grand Prix - US$10,000
First Prize - US$ 6,000
Second Prize - US$ 4,000
Third Prize - US$ 2,000

Special Prize - US$ 1000 "For the best performance of a work by Russian composer "

in the part A of Second Round for participants performing the following pieces:

Shostakovich Sonata No. 147 bis for viola and piano
Druzhinin Sonata for viola solo
Golovin Sonata-breve for viola and piano
Roslavetz one of two sonatas for viola and piano
Raskatov Sonata for viola and piano

Special Prize - US$ 1000 "For the best performance of J.S.Bach's works"

(summing up the results of the competition)

Special Prize - US$ 1500 "For the best ensemble"

(summing up the results of the competition)

Special Prize - US$ 1000 " To the best accompanist"


The Jury of the Competition reserves the rights:

1. Not to award all the prizes

2. To share the prize between several competitors

3. Not to listen to the whole programme ( with the exception for the 4th Round)


The organization of training

The questions of choice and performing of programme


The Committee will provide the participants with practice-rooms. Each participant has a right for one rehearsal in the Competition Hall for not less than 15 min.

The Organizing Committee must be informed by Application about participant's purposing to perform Bach's and Mozart's pieces in authentic manner. In other case Organizing Committee doesn't guarantee availability of a proper instrument (a harpsichord or a "Hammerklavier" ) and an accompanist.

At the IV Round the participant should perform any solo part of J.S.Bach's Brandenburg concerto no.6 according to the Jury's choice. The participant will be informed about the Jury's choice not later than the evening before his performance.

The piano version of the Schnittke's "Monolog" will be send not later than October 1, 1997. The cost of the clavier and the post expenses are payed by the competitor.



The Organizing Committee will provide the competitors with accommodation in the Conservatoire hostel free of charge or in a hotel at the expense of the competitors.

The Organizing Committee will provide competitors with accompanists and ensemble partners if required. The competitor need to indicate it in the aplication form.

The competitors have the right to play with their own accompanists who will be provided with accommodation in the Conservatoire hostel free of charge or in a hotel at the expense of the competitor.


The right for audio and video-recording

The Organizing Committee has the exclusive right for audio recording and Radio and TV broadcasting of the Competition performance during all rounds, for shooting films and video films and also for the following world-wide distribution. No royalties are paid to the participants.




Each participant should pay an entrance fee $50. The fee is paid before drawing .


Application form


Application form should be typed and sent by fax not later than November 1, 1997 (the form is inclosed).

The following documents should be send by mail not later than November 1, 1997:


* a copy of a birth-certificate or a passport;

* a copy of a diploma of a musical educational institution or a student certificate;

* artistic curriculum vitae;

* 3 photographs of 13x18 size and 2 photographs of 5x6 size.




Our address:

Organizing Committee for 3rd International Viola Competition

Moscow State Conservatoire

Bolshaya Nikitskaya ul. 13

103871 Moscow


fax: (095) 229-2638, (095) 229-6096, (095) 229-6833

tel: (095) 229-7910, (095) 229-6096, (095) 229-6833




I Round A) J.S.Bach Two contrasting movements from Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo BWV 1001-1006
or Suites for cello solo BWV 1007-1012 (at participant's own choice)
B) I.S.Bach One of the Sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord BWV 1027-1029 (at participant's own choice)
II Round A) Any big work by a composer of XX century for viola solo or for viola and piano
B) Mozart

One of duets for violin and viola

#1 (G - dur) KV 423
# 2 (Â -dur) ÊKV 424

or "Kegelstadt" Trio Es-dur KV 498 (the version for clarinet, viola and piano)

III Round A) Brahms Trio for viola, cello and piano a-moll, op. 114 or Quintet h-moll, Op.115, parts I, II. (Edition for viola and string Quartet)
B) Brahms One of Sonatas for viola and piano, op. 120 (for the participant's own choice)
IV Round A) J.S.Bach Brandenburg Concerto No.6 ( participant should perform any solo part according to the Jury's choice)
B) Schnittke "Monolog" for viola and strings (1985)

Application Form

for the III International Viola Competition in Moscow

1. Last Name___________________________ First name_____________________________

2. Country_____________________________________________________________________

3. Date and place of birth_____________________________________________________

4. Address_____________________________________________________________________

5. Telephone_____________________________Fax __________________________________

6. Music education or place of study___________________________________________

7. Name of teacher_____________________________________________________________

8. Participation in competitions and awards won________________________________


9. Name of the accompanist_____________________________________________________

     (please indicate if a local coach required)

10. Accommodation (dormitory, hotel, number of persons coming)_________________


I shall perform the following program:

I Round



II Round



III Round



IV Round

J.S.Bach Brandenburg Concerto No.6

Schnittke "Monolog"

I hereby agree to the terms of the Competition Regulation and Programme.


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