2001 Primrose Memorial Scholarship Competition


1999 Primrose Competition winners were:

1. Lawrence Power from London, England
2. Roland Glassl from Germany
3. Elizabeth Freivogel from Oberlin Conservatory

Rules and Repertoire Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Have not yet reached their 28th birthday by April 1, 2001, and

Must be a current member, or presently studying with a current member of the any of the branches of the International Viola Society (AVS, CVS, etc.)

N.B.: If you are not currently a member of the AVS or CVS and wish to join please see application form for details.



1st Prize: $2000.00, plus an invitation to make a featured appearance at the 2002 International Viola Congress. PLUS...

A CodaBow Classic Viola Bow (Retail Value $850.00) See The CoDABOW at their WEBSITE AT: CodaBow International, Ltd. Click here to Read more about the CodaBow

From Marquis Violins: 2-Year Subscription to Strings Magazine and 10 Bow Rehairs (or equivalent Value in Bow restoration) at Marquis Violins.

A Bobelock Case and a BonMusica Shoulder Rest donated by Music City Strings

A Mach One Curly Maple Shoulder Rest

2nd Prize: $1000.00, plus a Bobelock Viola Case donated by the Bobelock Case Company. Plus...

From Marquis Violins: 1-Year Subscription to Strings Magazine and 5 Bow Rehairs (or equivalent value in bow restoration) at Marquis Violins.

A BonMusica Shoulder Rest donated by Music City Strings

A Mach One Curly Maple Shoulder Rest

3rd Prize: $ 500.00, plus 1-Year Subscription to Strings Magazine plus 2 Bow Rehairs (or equivalent value in bow restoration) at Marquis Violins.

A Bon Musica Shoulder Rest donated by Music City Strings

A Mach One Curly Maple Shoulder Rest

Additional performance opportunities and merchandise will be added to the competition prizes.

To date, additional merchandise donations have been received from:

RPB Music Publishers - RBP Music is the exclusive publisher of arrangements for viola by Robert Bridges

Marquis Violins - 291 S. Santa Anita Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91107. Phone (626) 793-4567 or (877) 279-2211. Fax (626) 486-4568. Email: Marquis Violins. Mr. Barry Hou, Owner. The value of the Strings Magazine subscriptions are $32.95 per year plus the bow rehairs are valued at $40.00 each. The value of the prizes are $465.90, $232.95 and $112.95 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. All bow restoration work has a Life Time Validity.

Music City Strings Website - P.O. Box 381, Rockport, MA 01966. Phone (800) 336-1980. Fax (888) 875-7660. Email: Music City Strings

Greenblatt & Seay - The Viola Fiddling Tune Book

Blue Danube Violins - Kubicek Viola Shoulder Rests





Repertoire: General Information

There are four categories of repertoire:

Viola and Orchestra
Viola and Piano
Unaccompanied Work
Virtuosic Primrose Transcriptions

Candidates must prepare one complete work from each category, within the following guidelines:

One of the works prepared must be selected from the Contemporary Selections: Penderecki, Harbison, Adler, Reutter or Persichetti.

Work with Orchestra: Hindemith Schwanendreher
Contemporary Selections: Penderecki Concerto, Harbison Concerto

Work with Piano: Brahms Sonata (either Op.120), Rebecca Clarke Sonata, Shostakovich Sonata
Contemporary Selection: Samuel Adler Sonata (Theodore Presser, publisher)

Unaccompanied Work: Hindemith Sonata (any), Bach Suite (any), Reger Suite (any)
Contemporary Selections: Hermann Reutter Cinco Caprichos sobre Cervantes (Schott, publisher) or Vincent Persichetti Parable XVI (Presser, publisher)

Virtuosic Primrose Transcription: Benjamin: Jamaican Rhumba; Wolf: Italian Serenade*; Wieniawski: Caprice*; Paganini: La Campanella; Paganini: 24th Caprice (Viola and Piano); Sarasate-Zimbalist: Tango, Polo, Maleguena, or Zapateado (from "Sarasateana")*

* Available in a book put out by G. Schirmer Inc. "The Virtuoso Violist" HL 50482094.

There are 2 music companies that have agreed to carry everything required for the competition (with the exception of the out-of-print pieces). They are:

Shar Products at: http://www.sharmusic.com

Frank Music Company at http://www.frankmusiccompany.com

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round is recorded and submitted on audio cassette tape or CD, which will then be auditioned by a jury. Approximately 20 candidates will be chosen from the taped round to participate in a Semi-Final round.

The Semi-Final and Final Rounds will take place on March 30th and 31st at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. Elmhurst is in the Chicago area.

Tapes/CDs must ARRIVE to Alabama by January 25, 2001.

Semi-Finalists will be notified of their acceptance by February 15, 2001.

In order to assure anonymity, the applicant's name and address should appear only on the applicant's outer package. There should be no personal identification on the tape/CD or its container. Tapes/CDs will be coded before being sent to the adjudicating committee. Tapes/CDs will not be returned.

Applicants should understand that the quality of the recording may influence the judges, therefore, a new tape of a high quality should be used. We are now accepting CDs because of the availability of this technology.



Repertoire for the Preliminary Round

The cassette tape/compact disk must include the applicant performing the following in accordance with the Repertoire General Information above:

The first movement of a Work with Orchestra

An excerpt (c. 5 minutes) from the Work with Piano

An excerpt (c. 5 minutes) of an Unaccompanied Work

N.B.: One of the selections must be from the list of Contemporary Selections, and candidates may not change repertoire between the Preliminary and Semi-Final/Final Rounds.

Semi-Final and Final Rounds

The Semi-Final and Final Rounds will take place at Elmhurst College in the Chicago area. The semi-final round will be on March 30 and the Final round will be on March 31. Both rounds will take place during the daytime. Everything is to be performed from memory unless otherwise noted.

Each of the Semi-Finalists and Finalists will be asked to perform selected movements from:

The entire Work with Orchestra from the Preliminary round

The entire Unaccompanied Work from the Preliminary round

The entire Work with Piano from the Preliminary round (need not be memorized)

A complete Primrose Virtuosic Transcription from the list above.

All Semi-Finalists and Finalists will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging expenses as well as their accompanist's fees. A list of available local accompanists will be provided if requested. The applicants that are invited to the semi-final round will be provided with a list of local hotels as well.

No screens will be used in either the Semi-Final or Final round.

If you have any questions, please contact Lucina Horner at Primrosecomp@hotmail.com