Instructions on using the AVS Mailing List

Born out of ideas tossed around during the '97 International Viola Congress, this mailing list is created to facilitate communications among all AVS (American Viola Societies) members, particularly its board members and all its chapters. It is NOT to be used for discussions related to the viola, as the Viola Mailing List already filled that need; but for discussions related to the development of AVS.

Please follow the directions carefully. Commands and addresses should be entered without quotes, and all commands are case-sensitive. Email Allan at '' if you need assistance.

TO SUBSCRIBE to the list, send e-mail to '' with the word 'subsingle' alone in the body of the message. This will allow you to receive each post to the mailing list as individual e-mail. When you subscribe, you'll receive an email with a subject looking like this:

List Auth Request ID=<x32d75e0a.906.VydJY37Y> REJECT

Follow the instructions in that email, and you will receive another email notifying the completion of your request. Please also consider joining the IVS Mailing List.

TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE DIGEST-VERSION of the list, see the instructions above, but use the 'subscribe' command instead of the 'subsingle' command. Note that digests are sent from ''; it's not a mistake. You will receive ALL posts to the list, which are included in one email and sent to you once a day. However, if there are more than 10 messages or 50 kb worth of messages stored at the list server, you would get the digest as soon as it reaches either limit. If there's no post on any particular day, you would not receive any email from the list.

TO POST to the list, send email to ''. Only members of the list will be able to post to the group. This is to prevent abuse of the mailing list.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE, send email to '' with the word 'unsubscribe' alone in the body of the message.

TO RECEIVE THE HELP FILE, send email to '' with the word 'help' alone in the body of the message.

TO INVITE SOMEONE to the list, follow the directions in TO SUBSCRIBE, and put the email address after the command 'subsingle' or 'subscribe'. The invited person will be sent instructions to subscribe.

subsingle email-address
subscribe email-address

IF YOU ENCOUNTERED ANY PROBLEMS related to the viola mailing list, please email Allan at If you're sending a subscription request, make sure you specify single-message or digest subscription.

For updated information about the viola mailing lists, see ''

We look forward to hearing from you!

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