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Are you aware that there is a viola discussion forum on the internet? As part of The Viola Web Site, the viola mailing list gives you the power to communicate with violists around the world. Join us for discussions related to viola!

Please follow the directions carefully. Email Allan at '' if you need assistance.

TO SUBSCRIBE to the list, send a blank e-mail to ''

TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE DIGEST-VERSION of the list, subscribe first by following the instructions in the previous paragraph, then send a blank e-mail to ''

TO POST to the list, send email to ''. Only members of the list will be able to post to the group. This is to prevent abuse of the mailing list.

To unsubscribe, send an email to ''. you will then receive an email to confirm your request; reply to the email to conclude the process.

IF YOU ENCOUNTERED ANY PROBLEMS related to the viola mailing list, please email Allan at If you're sending a subscription request, make sure you specify single-message or digest subscription.

For updated information about the viola mailing list, see ''
Archive of the mailing list is at ''
To search the old archive, please go to ''

We look forward to hearing from you!

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