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First Post Ever

Just a quick note to say that viola.com just received a complete makeover and is now live as of 11:28 pm PT March 25, 2013.

The old site is still accessible through www.viola.com/index2.shtml

This new interface takes viola.com from the mid-1990’s to 2013 🙂 There are still many things from the old site that are not moved over, particularly the Viola List archives, and some links on the new site may still not work (especially if the linking web page no longer exists).

I hope to recruit some people to help me build the new WordPress site . If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail.

Allan M. Lee

C.P.E. Bach on J.S. Bach

“As the greatest expert and judge of harmony, he liked best to play the viola, with appropriate loudness and softness.” – C.P.E. Bach on J.S. Bach

The Viola List

The Viola List, an e-mail list for viola discussions, is hosted at yahoogroups.com

To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to viola-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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