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Magnum Opus: a set of web-based tools for professional musicians, music teachers, and students.  Productivity tools for serious musicians.
“Viola Alone” – music by composer Raul Kottler (free download): Sheet Music, MP3 Recording.
Beare and Son, Ltd has designed a viola based on the Tertis model for young violists.
Viola music of New York composer Steven R. Gerber available for download at http://www.stevengerber.com/Elegy On The Name Dmitri Shostakovich
ASTA MD/DC Certificate Program for Viola (Performance requirements and suggested curriculum)
Patricia McCarty’s Warmup article, which first appeared in the February 2000 issue of Strad Magazine.
Rebecca Clarke: Contests and Contexts (abstracts from Society for American Music’s Conference, Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections
The Rebecca Clarke Society
Vibrato to your hearts’ delight by John Krakenberger
Choosing a viola, from Collins Violins.
Practices Tips compiled from contributors of the Viola Email List, compiled by Lisanne Bainbridge
Japanese Viola Fan Club’s exhaustive List of Viola CDs (listed by violists and by composers)
Dr. Pamela Goldsmith’s web site, which contains many of her writings published in Strings, American String Teacher, Journal of the American Viola Society, etc., can be found at http://www.zvonar.com/PamelaGoldsmith/. It even has some unpublished articles!
“Three Sad Songs” for Viola and Piano by Pulitzer Prize-winner Donald Martino commissioned for Samuel Rhodes by the Koussevitzky Foundation, premiered by Mr. Rhodes at the Library of Congress in 1998 is now available from Dantalian, Inc.. Also, “Three Dances” for Viola and Piano.
Carolyn Broe’s article: Orchestral Excerpt Course
Carolyn Broe’s article: Progressive Etudes for the Viola
Canada’s earliest viola Sonata, written by Luigi von Kunits in 1919, can be found in Volume XXIII: Chamber Music III: Duos of The Canadian Musical Heritage, a multi-volume anthology of Canadian printed music
Gen Totani’s Viola Ensemble Music Archive
Rebecca Clarke, Composer and Violist: A Biography
David SillsViola Repertoire: Music by Women
Alto Clef in Relation to Treble and Bass Clefs
Patricia McCarty’s
Guide to Romantic Viola Repertoire
Favorite American Repertoire for Solo Viola
The Violists’ Corner, contains MIDI files for violists: scales, exercises, studies, concertos
Primrose International Viola Archive‘s Home Page (PIVA)
How to Access PIVA’s Online Catalog – PIVA is the most complete viola library in the world.
Sean Udal’s Viola Repertoire Page (web site down)
Donald McInnes’ Representative List of Viola Repertoire (by difficulty)
David Sills’ Viola Repertoire List (by category)
Andritsch Peter’s Viola Repertoire List (by composer and instrumentation)
Graded Viola Music for Learners: compilation of pieces set by three British Examining Boards, version 4
Sean Udal’s CD List
Nick Gounin’s Viola Resources on the Net (outdated)
ClassicWeb’s Viola Page
Viola-Related Musicians (Last checked page no longer exists)
Famous names associated with the Viola


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