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Hello, my name is Allan Lee, and I am the webmaster of The Viola Web Site. I have just started a hot new group for young violists, and I think you should be part of it!

This brand new group is on the web at - it is designed to be a meeting place for pre-college violists. Wondering how you can keep in contact with your summer festival friends or build camaraderie with your youth/school orchestra viola section? Invite all of them to join this group! Let's make it the kewlest and largest young musicians' group on the web!

In the coming weeks The Viola Web Site will add more information about this new, exciting group. Young Violists will be a place where participation is not only encouraged, but vital. Group members will make it into the kind of place they want it to be. Some members will be elected to become moderators, and some will begin building a web site exclusively for Young Violists members. Yes, a web directory on will be allocated to Young Violists; selected members will have FTP access to this directory!

The Viola List will still be open to all ages and of course welcome young violists' participation (you are welcome to join this list, too!), but now young violists will have their own forum to talk about anything they want!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact me, Allan, on Yahoo! messenger (allanlee96) or write me email.

Spread the word!

Allan M. Lee
September 22, 2001


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